Bryanboy & the Power Elite at Le Regine This is New York Party.

There are tons of parties during fashion week. Household names always throw cool parties. But the most anticipated party for the fashion bloggers and the fashion crowd is the  New York, New York party. This time it was cohosted by Bryanboy at La Regine during Paris Fashion Week.

It's always great to see my favorite fashion bloggers off duty just having fun, dancing and drinking (responsibly :D ).

I love that they all hang out together, Bryanboy, Rumi Neely, Susie Bubble, Tommy Ton and Phil Oh along with Alexander Wang and their best friends.

Jared Leto was there of course, dancing and having tons of fun in the dark vip areas mingling with the fashion crowd like the rest of us mortals :D

I was very happy to see Nadia Sarwar and Craig Arend too.

Till next fashion week, enjoy this candid moments of one my favorite parties.

xoxo G.