Hoi Polloi || Bistrotheque Party.

It is one of these rare occasions that you find yourself in.
Here you are, going home when you notice an unprecedented number of fashionable individuals loitering outside of what seems to be an empty construction room.
The subtone of loud rave vibes and the presence of security personel indicate that there is a secret party going on.
The wunderkinds behind Shrimpy's and Bistrotheque David Waddington and Pablo Flack cleverly decided to turn the rather boring Crowne Plaza into the uber-cool joint that the Ace hotel is now, by adding their magic touch to what is destined to be a very succesful new enterprise here in Shoreditch.
So, it goes without saying that the party people and luminaries of the fashion world had to be summoned.
A great addition to what Shoreditch is. A playground for the creatives, fashion pioneers and slightly elitists, Hoi Polloi is the place to eat, drink, and be.
Hattie Fox's that flower shop, was the icing on the cake.
You cannot but fall in love with the flower decor.
Hoi Polloi opens today just outside my door.
Amor Fati,